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When you think of a great workout, what do you imagine? Is it one that makes the time go by fast? Fun, entertaining, have great pumping music to move to... a place where you feel you belong? One that has people to motivate you, push you to do a little more because they know you can and because they want you to succeed... because they care? Maybe, it is more like a night out/a party, not a workout. This is JAZZERCISE!

Jazzercise has survived fitness trend after fitness trend by providing classes that are welcoming, consistent, exciting and productive. Currently we offers classes varying from the traditional DanceMixx (dance-cardio and strength training) to Interval (ore HIIT like) to Strike to Core to purely Strength classes. The focus of each class is to target all major muscle areas, strengthen the core in a safe, tested method. How is it tested? Before the pre-choreographed routines are taped and sent to the thousands of instructors across 32 countries they are put through an exercise physiologist. This is key in making sure that what is taught is not only effective, but safe. The instructors go through ongoing training and assessments to make sure that they are teaching at the correct intensity, give the appropriate cues and lead the type of class that has helped Jazzercise continue this powerful long history in the fitness industry. Did I mention, in one hour long class you can burn up to 800 calories? Oh yes, and it’s fun getting there. We are a family, and we love our workout!

Come on in, check us out. We would love to see you on our dance floor :-)

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